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Kishawna Peck


Kishawna Peck is the Founder and CEO of Toronto Womxn in Data Science with an ambitious goal to help a million women become data literate, increase the recruitment and retention of women in data roles, and increase the number of products and services powered by data that have inclusive design practices at their core. Kishawna has made it her mission to create spaces for women in data science, an industry that is booming and begging for more diversity. She has 5+ years of leading data teams and strategy in non-profits, fintech, and advertising across all business teams. She started Toronto Womxn in Data Science in 2018 and took on the company full-time as of July 2021. She is an advocate and speaker for diversity and inclusion in STEM who has been featured in various media outlets such as The Globe and Mail, Breakfast Television, and CP24. Kishawna is completing her Master's of Management in Artificial Intelligence at Queen's University Smith School of Management. 

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Data Literacy: Empowering Companies to Harness the Power of Data

In this dynamic keynote, Kishawna shares practical strategies for organizations to develop a data-literate workforce. Discover how data literacy can drive informed decision-making, boost innovation, and unlock the full potential of data within your company.

Transforming Data Culture: Strategies for Creating a Data-Driven Organization

In this engaging keynote, Kishawna reveals practical techniques for organizations to cultivate a data-driven culture. Learn how to inspire your teams, implement effective data-driven practices, and unlock the transformative power of data to drive business success.

Building Inclusive AI: Considerations for AI Product Development

Join Kishawna as she explores the ethical dimensions of AI product development. Gain valuable insights into identifying and addressing biases, ensuring fairness, and prioritizing inclusivity in AI systems, ultimately fostering trust and reducing harm in your products.

The Future of AI: Shaping Responsible and Human-Centric AI Solutions

Join Kishawna in exploring the future of AI and its impact on society. Gain valuable insights into the importance of responsible AI development, human-centric design principles, and ethical considerations to shape a future where AI works for everyone, promotes fairness, and respects individual rights.


That was the inspiration I've been needing lately, thank you so much Kishawna!

It was a great discussion and there were numerous examples and practical strategies for the audience to take away

I wanted to extend a job well done and thanks for shedding light on these barriers for women of colour in data science!

The Globe and Mail hosted a virtual panel discussion to bring tech leaders together to discuss strategies to attract and retain new and diverse employees.
Kishawna was one of them. 

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