Data Media Club

The Data Media Club is a chance for our community to increase their data literacy through film, books and art. Built to be completely virtual, we welcome attendees from coast to coast to join us.

Coded Bias Movie Q&A
with Filmmaker Shalini Kantayya
moderated by Shingai Manjengwa, CEO Fireside Analytics 

Data Feminism
by Catherine D'Ignazio & Lauren F. Klein

Chapters 1 & 2

Data Feminism Ch.1 and 2 Group Discussion

Data Feminism Ch.1 and 2 Quick Study Guide

Data Feminism Ch.1 and 2
Full Study Guide

Chapters 3-5

Data Feminism Ch.3-5
Full Study Guide

Data Feminism Ch.3-5 
Group Discussion

Chapters 6-7

Data Feminism Ch.6-7
Full Study Guide

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