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Get ready for a groundbreaking event to shake up the AI industry! Toronto Womxn in Data Science and The Firehood are thrilled to announce the first-ever Women AI Pitch competition on April 26th-27th, 2023, at the iconic Glen Gould Studio in Toronto, as part of the highly-anticipated 6th Annual Womxn in Data Science Conference and Awards.


This exclusive event is a key pillar of Toronto Womxn in Data Science's mission to promote inclusive innovation and empower women to become leaders in AI product and service development. The Firehood, with its impressive network of women angel investors, will award investment to one deserving woman-led AI startup.


If you're an ambitious and innovative entrepreneur looking to make your mark in AI, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Share your story and secure funding for your women-led startup with The Firehood's investment network and tech-focused Angels. Don't miss this chance to turn your dreams into reality and take the AI industry by storm!

10 Angels

The Firehood Angels will attend the 6th Annual Womxn in Data Science Conference and Awards. Their network supports women-led, AI-based companies! This is your chance to meet active women angel investors from across Canada.  The angels are ready to hear your story, activate mentorship & connections and help fund your women-led startup.

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  1. Get your conference ticket or FREE pitch-only conference ticket. You do not get access to the conference and awards with a pitch-only ticket. 

  2. OPTIONAL. Fill out a pitch competition intake form.

  3. Arrive at the Conference on April 26th ready with your 1-minute pitch to The Firehood angel investor judges.

  4. You’ll have 1 minute to pitch and up to 2 minutes for follow-up questions if the judges have any.

  5. You’ll be contacted by 10 am on April 27th to know if you’ve been shortlisted to pitch on the main stage during the award ceremony 

  6. If shortlisted, you pitch to The Firehood Angels on the main stage. You have 5 minutes to secure the bag.

  7. Winner will be announced during the awards ceremony.

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How to Participate

Eligibility Criteria

The pitch competition is open to:

  • Incorporated companies

  • women-led AI startups at the pre-seed and seed stages with early traction

  • The founder or co-founder identifies as a woman with at least equitable equity to any other co-founder on the cap table. 

  • The founder must have a high level of technical expertise required to develop AI solutions.

  • Tangible products and services that can share a demo

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